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In addition, children with wholesale jerseys profits than adult shirt. Such as the price of a suit of adult jersey in 55 yuan, its cost between $25 - $30; And the retail price of a suit children jersey is 45 yuan, wholesale price as long as 10 yuan, 15 yuan between.
Not only that, but to buy children's shirt wholesale jerseys china buyer, usually bundled to buy one or two adult shirt. Such consumer demand, not only the online sales go up, but also for sellers to save a lot of logistics costs.
Parent-child products popular china wholesale jerseys sales
In general, sell the jersey number, to some extent, also reflects the popularity of team. In a company called soccer clothing wholesale bulk retail store, sales wholesale jerseys from china order list respectively for Argentina, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina uniforms chinese wholesale jerseys has sold more than 1300.

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