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While 1/8 of the Brazilian World Cup wholesale jerseys final is not over, but Europe and the United States team has won all eight seats in advance. Team after the game, all four teams in Asia team knocked out at the bottom, and six European teams, 8 Africa to the wholesale jerseys china americas team and two teams reaching the final of 1/8, this is the first time World Cup joy has two African teams at the same time into the last 16. Wednesday afternoon local time, Nigeria and Algeria in a clash with two cup champion team, failing to play "battle" in Africa, with 0-2 and 2-1 defeat to France and Germany, respectively made in Europe and the cl eight. As of 30 china wholesale jerseys local time, the World Cup in Brazil have six to eight teams, respectively is: Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, costa rica, Europe and the United States 3 teams, each team split.wholesale jerseys from china  Local time on July 1, Brazil's World Cup final last two 1/8 are Europe and the United States: Argentina against Switzerland, the United States against Belgium. Brazil's World Cup quarter final will be in July 4, local time), Brazil and Colombia, chinese wholesale jerseys France and Germany both Europe and the United States civil war showdown between striking; The Netherlands will play the tournament the biggest "dark horse" costa rica, another quarter final opponent will be the winner of the Argentina and Switzerland, the United States and Belgium.

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