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The World Cup came to Brazil, how can less ronaldo's wholesale jerseys participation. Ronaldo 3, an interview with xinhua news agency reporters in Rio DE janeiro, said very honored to participate in the meeting with different to their home World Cup, "in hosting the game, we now wholesale jerseys china must be the leading party", hope that everything will continue down until the 13th of this month.
Ronaldo was invited to join in the Brazilian World Cup organizing committee at the
end of 2011, become members china wholesale jerseys of the board of directors, since his schedule to visit all the host city stadium, conscientious exercise the duties of obligation. In addition, the explanation of "alien" or a local television station, during the World Cup, his figure is active in has the selecao match each field and local families TV screen.

At the moment, the tournament for 20 days, the start of "official" ronaldo is how
to carry out the periodic review? wholesale jerseys from china He said: "the contest in general good, surprisingly, the court, all show strong 32, otc, Brazil is satisfied with his own people and foreign tourists for event organization. To achieve this result, as a victory for Brazil, and for those of us chinese wholesale jerseys  who involved in event planning and organization of the results. If hosting the World Cup is a game, so now competition is in the middle, we must be the leading party. Hope everything goes well, the next long enough."

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