The classic 9 kinds of high heels

Leopard as a fashion element, red bottom shoes by the American fashion designer, Norman Norell (1900-1972), pioneered in the early 1940 s. Leopard high-heeled shoes to wear to a high-end feeling must adopt the leopard print dress 50%, only two colors, enough pressure to another part of the color,cheap red bottom shoes  can not be printed completely overwhelmed, remember to add the accessories of heavy and complicated, so when you are not sure the color of the jacket, black and white ash can't go wrong.

In the '60 s and 21st century popular cream ribbon light lolita, they pop up in the spring and summer because people are tired of hitting scene, red bottoms shoes the visual impact of enjoy light color more bring us cool and refreshing. A pair of pink color high-heeled shoes to make feet like milk red bottom shoes for women packages usually soft and sweet.

Metal color is in the sixties of the future sense of style, of the 90 s rock and roll wind again to a climax. Presence of metal color high-heeled shoes, cheap red bottom shoes each step with blurred gorgeous fantasy. Is to make public, is high.
2012 color designers play "bad" had been made, and the stage is filled with all sorts of color of the game, don't wear color OUT of the street is a kind of OUT. Although this season is not too care about large color, can take a clothes for double color high heels to play the whole body LOOK, fashionable feeling just the essence of a pen.

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